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The most important things in life are people and ideas. Posyt turns your ideas into new connections, and then prompts those new friends to inspire you to have even better ideas.

The beauty is that it's not random. Every idea and every person you come in contact with is curated for you. When you share an idea Posyt analyzes it and searches for similar ideas to show you. When you like an idea Posyt learns from that, and same goes for skips. When Posyt finds significant similarity between you and someone else it creates a match and you can chat anonymously. If you're helpful and people like talking with you, Posyt will make sure the majority of the people you're matched with are helpful and you like talking with them.

It's not magic and it's not a bunch of humans manually categorizing your thoughts. It's just a lot of really cool technology working in harmony so you can focus on ideas and people without sifting through a bunch of noise and missed connections.

Turn your silly ideas into great ideas
Find out if your great ideas really are great
Meet potential collaborator who share your interests
Bring awareness to causes that mean something to you
Quickly see what a lot of other people are thinking
Anonymously toss anything into the void and see what comes back

By default Posyt also shows you news from a wide variety of sources. This makes matching even better because it gives the algorithm more to go on. But if you only want to see ideas submitted by people on Posyt you can turn some or all of the news feeds off.

News Feeds: Medium, New York Times, Hacker News, Product Hunt, Imgur, The Verge, Dribbble, and more to come

Posyt is FREE, and always will be.
Download now and start building meaningful relationships with people who share your interests.

We want to help you meet people who inspire you,
people who you can collaborate with,
people who share your passions and compliment your weaknesses,
people who are not afraid of sharing ideas and trying to make ideas reality.

To all those people we commend you. We promise to do our best and find you the most relevant people. This way you can spend more time on what really matters, making your ideas real.

pos·yt | verb/noun | pause'-it | "to put an idea forward as the basis of discussion"